ForceCount, in its most fundamental application, is a smart devise based T&A tracking and reporting application conceived and built for the construction community.  ForceCount’s key components merge facial recognition with geo-locating, allowing an enrolled worker to log in and out from any known project by simply facing the device screen and touching the “green” or “red” icon to document arrival or departure.  Since no other hardware or barriers are required.

Beyond fundementals, ForceCount is by far the most robust labor data gathering and reporting application available today. ForceCount’s real time effectiveness is hampered only by a lack of connectivity.  In that event, ForceCount’s built-in ‘store and forward’ function will transmit time and attendance data automatically as soon as connectivity is established.

Field automation of workforce time and attendance reporting for payroll and cost accounting integration.

  • Interior project time and attendance reporting
  • Smart device based
  • Built specifically for the construction community
  • Geolocation control – eliminates off jobsite punch in
  • Facial recognition control – eliminates buddy punch in
  • Cost code tracking
  • Online timesheet management system
  • Reporting interface with data driven demographics
    • Project Identification
    • Who is on the worksite
    • How many are on the worksite
    • Employer
    • When they arrived and when they left
    • Trade
    • Skill Set
    • Training and Certifications
    • Safety History
    • Gender, Ethnicity, Residential Zip Code

Timesheet Management System

  • Make timesheet adjustments to close your gap reports
  • View worker data by cost code
  • Audit trail for integration into payroll system