Access Control

FC-CS’s jobsite construction access control system is designed to channel RFID badged construction workers and other authorized personnel through control points equipped with RFID readers. Access Control points can be fixed position portals or mobile devises such as smart phones or dedicated function handheld scanners. Fixed position portals can be configured in “read only” or “access barrier” modes.


Access barrier portals unlock a turnstile or other barrier to allow an authorized worker onto or off of the worksite.
Handheld scanning devices allow point-of-contact reading for open areas such as vehicle entry gates or spot checks anywhere on the project site.
In non-construction access control environments individuals physically present an access control card to a close proximity reader, e.g., gated parking garage. Because the construction worker is normally entering the jobsite with tools, equipment and materials in hand, close proximity readers can present an impediment to the smooth flow of workers on and off the jobsite.  FC-CS’s construction access control systems employ RFID technology that enables stand-off reading so that a worker simply wears the encoded badge on the outside of their clothing or hardhat to gain hands free access. An FC-CS provided system of jobsite access control ensures that workers entering the worksite are accurately counted and can be configured as a barrier to block access to individuals who lack the proper credentials for admission to the worksite.