[trx_sc_title title_style=”default” title_align=”center” title=”FC-CS & Procore”]

FC-CS regularly integrates data with Procore.Ā  Here are the specific steps that need to be taken by your Procore admin or authorized Procore user in preparation for turning on the integration service in Procore.Ā  This generally applies to each project that you have setup in Procore, for which you want the FC integration to be active.

  1. Create a Procore user account for FC to use.Ā  Click here to get get the FC Procore Integration email address for your user account.Ā  Include standard access to logs and read-only directory access for Companies and Vendors for each project.Ā  Make certain this is set us up under the production Procore account, not a sandboxed (testing) version.
  2. Create a new Vendor in Procore called ā€œFC Construction Services (Integration)ā€ for each project.Ā  FC-CS will use this account to record unmatched subcontractor hours and headcounts inĀ Procore.
  3. Enable either the Manpower Log (preferred), or the Daily Construction Report Log in Procore.Ā  Most of our clients prefer for us to write the daily entries in the Manpower Log, so that is our preferred recommendation.

Following the above setup steps, FC-CS will connect to yourĀ ProcoreĀ projects and will extract the list of Vendors for each project inĀ Procore.Ā  This list will be used to match up and map to our list of subcontractors.Ā  We will work with you to identify what Vendors match (or what can be mapped), and what is unmapped so we can determine the steps to handle the unmapped Vendors inĀ Procore.Ā  Where we have a mapped relationship, you will see the Man Hours and #Workers for each mapped subcontractor.Ā  Unmapped subcontractors will be aggregated and reported under theĀ FC Construction Services (Integration)Ā vendor account with a note that this represents unmapped subs.

OurĀ ProcoreĀ IntegrationĀ process runs at 5:00am daily and we create the log entries inĀ ProcoreĀ for your project based on data accumulated during the prior day.Ā  Please be aware that our processes for generating reports, including pushing the data intoĀ ProcoreĀ are time-sensitive.Ā  Due to the dependency on cellular connectivity, our turnstile systems have a built-in store and forward architecture which means data may not make it to our servers immediately after a badge is used for entry or exit.Ā  In fact, in cases where cellular connectivity is poor, it could accumulate data for some time, before syncing with our servers.Ā  This means reports or processes that run at different hours of the day may return different numbers when comparing reports from our client portal versus data inĀ Procore.