Parkland Hospital
Dallas, Texas

Located on the northeast corner of Harry Hines Boulevard and Medical District Drive, the new 2.8 million square-foot Parkland campus is twice as big as its predecessor.  Opened in August 2015, the new hospital will better accommodate the 1 million+ patient visits expected annually.  The 862 modernized, single-patient rooms with private bathrooms offer just one example of how the new facility provides improved care and comfort.  In addition, Parkland has spent $80 million on the latest technology that will improve patient care, streamline record-keeping, enhance security, and enable Parkland to operate more efficiently.  Parkland’s goal is to provide the best medical care that Dallas County has to offer.

Parkland 2

In 2012, Parkland Hospital was the largest hospital construction project in the United States.  BARA, a joint venture between Balfour Beatty, Austin Commercial, H.J. Russell and Azteca, was tasked with building this $1.3 billion leading edge hospital that occupies 38 acres.  The project consumed over 60,000,000 pounds of reinforced steel and over 6,000,000 man-hours.

With a project,  jobsite and workforce this large, BARA was concerned with ensuring that only properly credentialed and authorized workman were given access to the jobsite and that the entry and exit of the workforce was properly managed.  Additionally, BARA wanted to have daily manning reports automatically prepared based upon the access control systems that were planned.

Project Highlights

  • Workforce of over 10,000 workers
  • Project covering over 38 acres
  • FC-CS near site facility for workforce screening and badging
  • Issuance of RFID enabled ID badges
  • Access control portals used:
    • Presence Reporting Coral Gates
    • Security control turnstiles
    • Mobile handheld computers
  • Real-time reporting of workforce entrance
  • Access control portals relocated as project progressed

Project Partners

  • Balfour Beatty
  • Austin Commercial
  • HJ Russell
  • Azteca
  • Brandt Engineering
  • Dynamic systems, Inc.
  • Capform, Inc.
  • Drywall Interiors