Client Testimonials

“With FC-CS’s access control, monitoring and reporting solution, it took only minutes to do what previously took hours. Hats off to your equipment!”

-John Dobbins, Director of Field Operations|Barton Malow Company

“We are extremely pleased with your customer service and turnaround time. We were skeptical at first, because one hour seems too good to be true. Now we are believers.”

-Amber Dotts|Mobile 1

“Palm Beach Tan has been using FC Background to screen potential employees since 2001. One of the things I enjoy most about utilizing FC Background is the “One Stop Shopping”. Our employees go to the facility and are able to take the drug test, complete an assessment, submit to a background check, and the results are typically back within a One-Hour timeframe. This makes the whole process very simple for both our future employees and for our managers and saves us quite a bit of time. FC Background gives us the necessary tools to make an informed hiring decision”.

-Lisa Staberg|Palm Beach Tan

“The ability to identify and hire the right people the first time frees up our training and developmental resources, allowing us to focus on being the best we can be here at Rogers-O’Brien.”

-Jim Fentress|Rogers-O’Brien Construction Company Inc.

“Since our auto dealership started using FC Background’s services several years ago, they have gone above and beyond our expectations with their exceptional customer service. FC Background has helped us make sure all potential employees meet our company standards before we make a job offer. And most importantly, if we have a question, FC Background takes the time to find the answer for us in a timely manner”.

-Sherrie Norman|Beck Automotive Group