Dallas Independent School District
2008 Bond Program
Dallas, Texas

In May 2008, the citizens of Dallas approved a $1.35 billion bond program to improve schools and the environment of schools in Dallas.  The bond program included the construction of new schools, additions to existing schools and various renovations.  The bond program will affect every campus by the time the 233 projects are complete.  The scope of the bond program goes far beyond new construction.  13 schools will be renovated and enlarged, 19 new science labs will be added, 16 schools will receive renovated kitchens, $96 million will be spent on technology upgrades, $93 million will be spent to replace portable classrooms with permanent facilities and $14 million will go to refurbishing sports complexes.  All projects are scheduled to be complete by the end of 2014.

Having the safety of students and faculty utmost in their priorities, the Bond Advisory Board and the Board of Trustees turned to FC-CS to provide the same level of workforce screening that FCB had provided during the 2002 bond program.  The DISD workforce screening and badging program delivered a drug test, background screen and renewed ID badge annually for each worker.  These services were delivered through four full service testing facilities providing a level of coverage necessary for a project this size – through the life of the project it is anticipated that over 60,000 workers will be screened, badged and put to work.

Project Highlights

  • Project workforce – over 60,000 through the life of the project
  • Bond program included 223 individual projects
  • Workforce screening included drug testing and background screening
  • RFID enabled photo ID badges were prepared for all workers
  • DISD utilized FC-CS’s mobile access control portals to perform field audits on the workforce
    • Maintained log of security force campus visits – real-time
    • Maintained a log and reported on the individual audits performed by security officer and reported violations by subcontractor – real-time

Project Partners

  • Dallas ISD Board of Trustees
  • Dallas ISD Bond Advisory Committee
  • Marsh Insurance
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • Austin Industries
  • DMJM – Architecture, Engineering and Construction Services
  • Potter Concrete, Ltd
  • Pacesetter Personnel Services
  • Barber Specialties, Inc.
  • K.L. Enterprises, Inc.
  • Trade management, Ltd.