Wearable Technology for the Construction Industry Workforce

Wearable technology is big news and the construction industry is very much in the picture when it comes to the popular trend. Safety is high on the list as is increased productivity and if wearables contribute to either or both of those factors, chances are good it will catch on.

Adopting wearable technology into the construction industry has been a gradual thing. But now manufacturers are finding ways to appeal to the industry. Affordability is a big factor as well as the ease of wearables being transferrable from one worker to another.

Some of the wearables that have caught the eye of the construction industry include construction helmets with smart technology that display work instructions to the wearer to easily see where their task is within the project. Smart helmets can include video recording to share information and safety alert features.

GPS-capable smart vests are another wearable available to construction workers. Equipped with safety responses and productivity measurements, they can also measure the wearer’s biometrics and the level of safety of the environment.

Smart glasses have several features useful to project managers and contractors on site. The video camera can relay real-time activities on the job site, providing faster communication and improved safety.

Although bionic suits sound a bit far-fetched, the exoskeletal suits are bringing the future closer. They actually increase how much weight a worker can lift, thereby eliminating strained muscles.  Heaving lifting causes enormous downtime in the construction industry do to back injuries..

No doubt wearable technology will have a major impact on the construction industry over the coming years, with safety and productivity remaining at the forefront of must-haves.

Because safety issues have always been a problem for the construction industry, finding new ways to keep workers safer is a huge plus. Construction wearable technology could offer solutions to many of the industry’s safety snafus.

Productivity in the construction industry stands to increase dramatically with the augment of wearable technology. A five to eight percent increase in productivity is considered a conservative projection. And a bonus to increased productivity is that everyone on the project becomes better communicators, helping to avoid problems and slow-downs along the way.