Technological Innovation: Positive Disruption in the Construction Industry

Tradition. Legacy. Business as usual.  All references to a certain ‘comfort level’ of doing things.

So where does change fit in? What about forward thinking and technological innovation?

Adapting to change is not an option in today’s business world, yet some industries are slower to make that decision to move forward, even at the risk of falling behind the competition. Motivated by the entrepreneurs who routinely present the world with new ways of doing things, many businesses understand that change comes with a certain amount of risk.

But what about the risk a business runs that stays complacent in its old ways of doing things and does not embrace new technology and ideas?

Construction is a trillion-dollar industry with small to midsize contractors compiling about 75 percent of the business, yet broadly speaking, it is considered in the early days of technology adaption.

Innovators like FC Construction Services, however, are at the forefront of changing this viewpoint with some of the industry’s most sought-after technological programs and services.

Screening Services can include any combination of the following:

  • Individual identification verified by acceptable government issued ID
  • Criminal history including local, state and Federal records
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Education and Employment verification
  • Driving Record
  • OSHA and/or Trade Specific Licenses and Certifications

Jobsite Access Control System

RFID badged construction workers are routed through areas with RFID readers, with workforce monitoring and reporting access to know who is on the jobsite, who they work for, when they entered, when they left, and how many hours are logged on a project.

Jobsite Text Alert System

This system alerts your workforce or project management with details of weather alerts and time-sensitive messages for safety and good communication.

WorkerCheck is a first-of-its-kind background screening program designed for homeowners’ protection when contract personnel are on the premises.

Technological innovation is rapidly changing how the construction industry does business, with leaders like FC Construction Services paving the way for a safer, more efficient, more productive future.

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