Shaping the Construction Industry with Data as the Universal Tool

Using data from your construction worksite can be an invaluable tool for driving business decisions, project timelines, labor allocation, and financial investments.

But how do you pull together the stats that make this happen?

Our RFID enabled workforce monitoring and reporting system provides real-time access to people on the jobsite. The ability to identify and quantify the workforce on a large- scale construction project without physical inspection simplifies an otherwise time- consuming process.

More than ever, information is power and screening, badging and access control yields the critical workforce data project managers must have. Budgets, scheduling, safety, regulatory compliance, and insurance are essential to quality project management.

The mobile application used by FC Construction Services is a smart phone tool to gather real-time workforce data such as jobsite census, labor hours, individual worker certifications, and safety observations.  Making informed decisions is easier and smarter.

Forcecount is an automated workforce time and attendance system for payroll and cost accounting integration. Our reporting interface provides easy login to see project hours and labor census by employee, project or by date range.

Real-time data can elevate the construction process extensively if managed properly using the right tools. By providing an overview of different tasks it can establish a better flow of information and communication between all project entities. In that way, everyone can be informed about the current progress of the project, and a transparent connection throughout the whole project can be established. When accountability is a strong element in construction, everything runs more smoothly. Reliable real-time data management can make all the difference.

FC Construction Services is changing the way the construction industry monitors and reports pertinent details of working construction projects. Through technological innovations, tracking the progress of a project, large or small, will be more efficient and productive using our resources. Connect with us today!


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