Drone Technology – High Flyers for Safety and Efficiency in the Construction Industry

Safety and efficiency in the construction industry are two ongoing challenges in the construction industry. Training programs, process innovations, and communication tools via digital devices serve as monitors to ensure safety on construction sites. But there are scenarios that require a vantage point where drone technology offers the safest solution.

As one of the most compelling construction trends, the growth in drone use has risen more than 250 percent year after year. Not only do drones provide the aerial advantage for on-site safety, they serve as a data collecting resource and a remote monitoring tool for efficiency.

The complete project lifecycle of a construction project can be enhanced with the use of drones. From photos and videos, imagery can be manipulated to scope out projects, track building progress, and provide real-time updates.

There are several types of drones, but commercial drones are the ones used mostly in construction. Outfitted with cameras, GPS units, thermal sensors, and infrared sensors, drones are designed to capture key data on a construction site. This allows construction projects to be more efficient, better managed, and more thoroughly inspected.

When equipment malfunctions on a construction site occurs, schedules are delayed and time is lost. Drones can be used to remotely access the problem and show it in visual detail. The data can then be sent to repair technicians for more accurate diagnostics before they arrive at the work site.

Drones also have direct benefits to the construction lifecycle, cutting costs, time, risk, and labor, while simultaneously enhancing workflow, accuracy, communication, and efficiency. Overall, this adds more confidence and certainty to any construction project.

While the the use of drones in the construction and real estate industry is still evolving, the revolutionary technology is already changing many ways construction projects are managed. If drone technology continues to pass federal aviation and zoning requirements, it’s most likely that commercial drones will continue to find new ways to add efficiency to the construction

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