Successful Construction Project Managers are Masters of the Balancing Act

Construction project managers who are highly successful give new meaning to multitasking. Knowing the importance of balancing their many duties (all at once) is hard wired into their thinking.

Many times, they are tasked with managing an entire jobsite, along with supervising a special mix of contractors and employees. Whether a job is large or small, it is the construction project manager who sets the pace and tone for leadership. There are many attributes a construction project manager needs to successfully handle a role with such demands, but there are a few fundamentals that can ensure a well-run, efficient jobsite. Here are few.

Strong Communication Skills

A construction project manager must be able to clearly and confidently communicate to workers, contractors, managers, and other stakeholders. This enables everyone to accomplish their jobs with clarity and confidence. Making sure that all the team members are working toward the same end-result requires consistent communication and follow through. Unnecessary delays can be avoided if clear communication exists.

Able to Recognize Skills and Assign Tasks

Aligning workers with a specified task based on their skills will ensure a smooth operating jobsite. A good project manager recognized who can take on a supervisory role and knows how to delegate responsibility. A truly great project manager knows they must entrust others to help get the job done. It’s a team effort each step of the way.

Understanding of Priorities

Construction projects are complex  by nature, so an effective project manager must present an optimum work schedule, then keep it on course throughout each step.  However, there are unexpected circumstances that arise such as weather, delays, materials not arriving and such. That’s when the project manager must juggle the schedule so the job stays on track. Inability to make such changes could wreak havoc in the entire project.

Collaborative and Team-Centric

Construction projects are often very large scale and it takes a team working together to complete it. Teamwork is essential in the construction process. Operating with a sense of collaboration sets a positive work environment, lifting team morale and increasing productivity.

An Adept, Decisive Problem Solver

The job of a successful construction project manager is complex. The job requires wearing many hats and understanding there will be problems along the way. Whether they are weather related, ties to late deliveries, or personal qualms among workers, the project manager must be equipped with skills to deal with it.

Along with having technical knowledge, insight into the latest innovative construction technology, and personal skills, a successful construction project manager must be friendly and accessible, with a dedication to completing the project, on time and on budget, sharing the pride of the accomplishment with everyone on the team.

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