Real-Time, Automated Construction Project Reporting Enables Compliance

It’s a disconcerting fact that construction companies face ongoing challenges regarding local and state mandates related to Economic Impact and Community Involvement Programs. These programs are designed to increase construction project workforce participation from veterans, minorities and women.

Construction companies without automated construction labor reporting face the challenge of managing these mandates manually, which can slow the reporting and compliance confirmation process.

On the other hand, the forward-thinking companies who have automated construction labor reporting in place are lightyears ahead of the pack. One even greater advantage is having real-time construction labor reporting.

The FC Construction Services process begins with the Workforce Screening phase, where the contract mandated minimum worker qualifications are met. From there Workforce Badging screens all applicants and once vetted issue an RFID-enabled, photo ID badge which acts as a visual passport to the jobsite and is used for actuation of the access control system. Step three is the Access Control System phase, wherein entrances and exits monitor the badge wearer entering and leaving the site through either restricted and/or non-restricted access RFID portals.

Step four is the Monitoring and Reporting phase which reports real-time workforce data to all authorized personnel and stakeholders and then archives for analysis and review as needed. Included in this phase is the production of automated government-mandated compliance reports.

The real-time construction project reporting within this last step of the FC-CS process marks a significant difference in having an innovative, automated reporting program. Not only is compliance assured, whether at the local or state level, but the ongoing communication and dialogue among the workforce and supervisors is current and actionable when decisions can mean time and dollars saved.

Keeping track of budget evaluations and scheduling material delivery, or ensuring safety measures and insurance/regulatory compliance are all critical to a construction project. These components are at your fingertips with FC-CS. Having automated, real-time data and jobsite counts elevates project management to new levels of performance and ultimately successful completed projects which come in on time and budget.

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