FC-CS’s RFID enabled workforce monitoring and reporting system provides stakeholders (owners, insurers, contractors and other concerned parties) real-time access to jobsite population information. The ability to identify and quantify the multitude of workers on a large scale construction project without physical inspection greatly simplifies an enormously time consuming daily process.

In today’s complex construction environment information is power. FC-CS’s program of screening, badging and access control yields the critical workforce data that project managers demand. Whether budget-to-actual progress evaluations, just-in-time material scheduling, or safety, insurance and regulatory compliance, a proven system providing accurate, real time, jobsite census data is essential to effective project management.

Who is on the jobsite? Who do they work for?

When did they enter? When did they leave?

How many hours have they logged on this project?

These are critical questions which have to be asked and answered continuously over the lifespan of any construction project. FC-CS has greatly simplified this task.

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