FC Construction Services Collaborates on Penn Medicine Historic Healthcare Project in Philadelphia, PA.

FC Construction Services, Dallas, Texas, will join in the construction of Penn Medicine’s ambitious Penn Medicine Pavilion in Pennsylvania. The 17-floor 1.5 million square feet facility, housing 500 patient rooms and 47 operating rooms is anticipated to catapult healthcare construction to new heights.

FC Construction Services will be responsible for the $1.5 billion project’s manpower tracking, job creating, RFID badging, and construction workforce analytics reporting. The high-level sophistication of these reporting systems adds a level of confidence and reliability to the project, streamlining real-time communication and decision-making for project managers and supervisors. Four of the innovative entrance/exit turnstiles produced by FC Construction Services will also be an added feature.

“The partnering and collaborative features of this project are the kind of forward-thinking we believe in at FC Construction Services. The idea that the success of each party relies on that of others creates a symbiotic ownership each step of the way. We are extremely excited to be part of the Penn Medicine Pavillion team,” commented Mark Hinton, Director and Co-founder, FC Construction Services

As one of the key contractors on the Penn Medicine Pavilion project, FC Construction Services will track and communicate progress at each interval of development, helping to create the clear communication of the ‘integrated’ process that this innovative multiparty project depends on.

FC Construction Services has been involved in numerous healthcare projects throughout the U.S., providing the unique blend of high-level reporting services with innovative technology, setting the standard for quality and safety.


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