FC Construction Services Announces ‘ForceCount’ a Smart Phone Based Time and Attendance Tracking App for Non-Access Controlled Construction Sites

FC Construction Services announces the release of ForceCount, the latest addition to its growing family of construction site access control, workforce tracking, and labor analytics reporting services.

ForceCount is a smart phone enabled, labor tracking and reporting program that operates completely independent of any site access control devices or systems.  With seamless integration to employer-controlled time and attendance payroll and project cost accounting systems, ForceCount allows the user to eliminate pen and paper labor tracking across all active construction sites.

“The concept of keeping and tracking time with the ease of pushing a button is an efficiency that’s needed in the construction industry. Employers have easy access from the ForceCount website and mobile app and can determine where and when workers are deployed,” noted Mark Hinton, Co-Founder and Director, FC Construction Services.

Current FC Construction Services’ clients will be receiving ForceCount formatted reporting for existing projects in addition to their normal labor analytics reports. Clients can then decide if they would like to subscribe to the ForceCount program for use across all projects.  New clients are invited to review ForceCount free for 30 days.

About FC Construction Services

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