FC Construction Services and T.G. Nickel & Associates Create a Strategic Alliance

Two top names in the construction industry, FC Construction Services and T.G. Nickel & Associates agreed to a strategic alliance on March 9, 2018.

The strategic alliance is viewed as a solid means of finding continuous ways of improving productivity and service efficiencies that will help to create an environment of innovation and collaboration within the construction industry.

With FC Construction’s strategic alliance pricing, T.G. Nickel & Associates will enjoy a 26 to 32 percent savings on products and services. The range of services will include RF identification badging, control of jobsite access, workforce monitoring, workforce labor analytics reporting, and consolidated labor analytic reporting across multiple projects and mass texting services – all of which represent some of FC Construction Services most innovative offerings.

“We are proud to forge this strategic alliance with T. G. Nickel & Associates and look forward to sharing many mutually rewarding benefits of working together.” I.D. Walker, CEO, FC Construction Services

Within the context of the strategic alliance agreement, FC Construction Services and T. G. Nickel & Associates will collaborate and contribute to the increased growth of each company, as well as the construction industry overall. T. G. Nickel & Associates ranks #78 on the ENR TOP 100  CM-at-Risk Firms 2016,

About FC Construction Services

FC Construction Services leads the construction industry by combining products and services with innovative technologies that help minimize risk, increase productivity, improve reporting, and reduce cost. FC Construction Services Four-Step program ensures a safer, more secure, more productive, and ultimately more profitable project.