FC Construction Launches Enhanced Updates for Its Jobsite Mobile App

FC Construction’s Jobsite Mobile Application has added impressive, new features and upgrades to make an existing superior app even better for their clients. The easy to use, smart phone tool enhances the ability to make informed decisions on- or off-site of construction projects, as well as managing daily procedures and tracking.

The Jobsite Mobile App clients will experience a refreshed look and feel with easy to identify buttons and a new setting feature that remembers the last direction, entry or exit for example, allowing for faster car scans. Another upgrade is the improved configuration data that refreshes automatically every five minutes, allowing users to receive updates without logging out and back in.

Lists will now alpha-sorted so access to certification, training and violation lists are much easier to find. Inactive certifications, training and violations will show on the edit screen only if the user already has them.

“FC Construction Services is committed to the most current offerings for our clients and the construction industry.” Noted Melanie Laird, Executive Vice President, FC Construction Services.

In addition to these core upgrades, users will also receive improved page handling to prevent popup keyboards, as well as upgrades in the Trainer fields, Visitor Log and Badge Status. The Jobsite Administrator application (JSA) can also now be configured to not show expiration dates.

FC Construction Services is continually evaluating their products and services to better serve the construction industry as a whole. Future upgrades as technology evolves will continue.

About FC Construction Services

FC Construction Services leads the construction industry by combining products and services with innovative technologies that help minimize risk, increase productivity, improve reporting, and reduce cost. FC Construction Services Four-Step program ensures a safer, more secure, more productive, and ultimately more profitable project.