FC Construction Attended the 10th Anniversary of the Annual Hardhat Mass in NYC

In honor of construction workers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, the 10th Anniversary Memorial Mass was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, April 26, 2018. FC Construction Services was in attendance for the mass.

Construction workers who died on construction sites in New York City were remembered and revered — both union and nonunion workers.

Nineteen chairs lined the sanctuary with an engraved hardhat and a rose to signify each of the deceased workers who died from April 28 of the previous year until April 28 of the current year. At the end of the mass, the hardhat and the rose were given to the family members of each of the deceased workers. As the sacred tolling of the memorial bell rang, the names of the workers were read aloud.

“FC Construction was humbled to be included in the 10th Anniversary Memorial Mass, honoring these fine workers,” noted Travis Mokate, National Account Executive, FC Construction Services.

Construction workers build our homes, our schools, hospitals, bridges, roads, military, office buildings, and churches. They risk their lives to build better cities and communities.

Helping to create safer, more secure jobsites throughout the country is the foundation of FC Construction Services. We honor the entire construction industry by steadfastly striving to create technology products and services that assure a work environment that is productive, secure and safe for the construction workforce. 

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FC Construction Services leads the construction industry by combining products and services with innovative technologies that help minimize risk, increase productivity, improve reporting, and reduce cost. FC Construction Services Four-Step program ensures a safer, more secure, more productive, and ultimately more profitable project.