FC Construction Services CEO, I.D. Walker to Speak at AGC Solutions Thru Technology Conference, November 28th in Houston, TX

Dallas, Texas [Date] FC Construction Services CEO, I.D. Walker, will be spotlighted as a guest speaker and panelist at the AGC Solutions Thru Technology Conference in Houston, September 28th, along with other construction industry and technology notables.

Walker will address the annual forum on the topic, Adapting State-of-the-Art Technology for the Delivery of Actionable Workforce Labor Analytics. “We want the construction industry to understand the significance of RF Technology and how it can be used for insightful data compilation for resolving labor issues and adding operational value to project management teams,” noted I.D. Walker, CEO, FC Construction Services.

Welcoming a variety of construction industries and technology leaders, the AGC forum is opportunity for unveiling and discussing new technologies being used in the construction arena. Presentations and discussion groups will address the implementation of these technology developments and how they affect company safety, culture and operations.

FC Construction Services is an industry leader with innovative technologies that ensure greater productivity and safety on construction projects. I.D. Walker is proud to be alongside industry professionals ranging from general contractors, engineers, business owners, project managers, IT professionals, and other CEOs. These individuals will make presentations on a variety of topics spotlighting major players within the construction industry, university leaders, as well big names within the tech industry and tech media.

About FC Construction Services

FC Construction Services leads the construction industry by combining products and services with innovative technologies that help minimize risk, increase productivity, improve reporting, and reduce cost. FC Construction Services Four-Step program ensures a safer, more secure, more productive, and ultimately more profitable project.