Mobile Apps Power Workforce Integration and Efficiency

Smart, easy to use, real-time access is what makes FC Jobsite Mobile Application a must-have for the construction workforce. The advantages of having both on-site and remote access for personnel is a game changer when it comes to making informed decisions that impact project status. Schedules can be quickly updated and variances in budget can be evaluated and decided upon without delaying the project.

From approval to scheduling, Jobsite Mobile Apps stimulate efficiency and transparency for project managers and construction workers. Eliminating mountains of paperwork, mobile apps connect the resources and data needed to keep workflow moving.

It’s easy to keep track of jobsite census, safety violations, labor hours and worker certifications. Being able to flag complications that can arise during a project can avoid lost time in meeting project deadlines. Also scheduling and/or managing suppliers allows project managers easy access with mobile apps. This kind of efficiency adds to the well-being of building reliable relationships with vendors and contractors.

Because safety is a priority one element of the construction industry, ensuring comprehensive training and full understanding of safety regulations is a major concern.  Mobile platforms make it easier for project managers to maintain mandatory safety and regulatory compliance within their workforce.

Project delays can be greatly diminished and save money in otherwise lost revenue. Schedules can be optimized to connect with operational activities via mobile delivery apps, in spite of what the changes in weather may dictate.

Thanks to the widely adopted use of smartphones and the availability of mobile apps designed for industrial uses, exciting new possibilities have opened up to make the construction industry more efficient and manageable from start to finish.

Jobsite Mobile Apps is an integral part of the FC Jobsite Access Control System, comprehensively designed to enhance the ability of project managers and construction supervisors to take immediate, decisive action on schedules and budgets of active construction projects.