Mobile App Update Provides Offline Usability

When you’re on a new construction site, one of the chief concerns is staying connected to your team and all the supervisors and project managers who make decisions.

That’s part of why FC Construction Services RFID enabled workforce monitoring and reporting system is so important. It provides stakeholders (owners, insurers, contractors and other concerned parties) real-time access to jobsite population information.

The latest FC Jobsite Mobile Application makes staying connected even better with offline usability. If you’re offline, you can rely on the data still being there and synced next time you are back online.

Why is this so important?

Because if a user is out of range of an internet signal (which can happen on new construction sites) they may still need to input important data. The new update to the FC Jobsite Mobile Application lets them do just that, storing relevant data that can easily be reported and shared later when they are online.

Overall, FC Jobsite Mobile App is simple to use with your smart phone and a smart tool to gather workforce data such as jobsite census, cumulative labor hours, individual worker certifications, and safety violations.  With the new update, it’s even better.

Because the information is available in real time to both on-site and remote personnel, it enables the workforce to make informed decisions about project status, schedules and budget.

FC Construction Services continues to be at the forefront of innovative technology for the construction industry. From secure access control, monitoring, reporting, safety, and more, FC Construction Services is a guarantee of a more secure, more time-sensitive, and more profitable construction project.

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