How Construction Workers’ Feedback Can Benefit the Construction Industry

Let’s face it. Most people don’t feel safe speaking their mind, whether at home or at work. Sharing honest observations or thoughts with the boss on how something might improve things at work can be stressful.

But isn’t honest feedback helpful? Isn’t it a great source for improvement?

One business owner believes it can and has been successful with what he calls, ‘radical transparency’. It’s based on the concept that everyone in the company should be able to say what they think about everything in the business – even the boss’s ideas.

Knowing what people really think and feel is valuable data, but getting them to speak out means they need to feel safe in doing so. Creating such an environment takes some planning and no doubt, it’s not the kind of environment that everyone will like.

Management experts believe that when people feel safe, they offer more honesty and perform their jobs better, too. So how do you encourage honest feedback from workers in the construction industry? By providing safe transparency. Here are a few tips on how.

Asking for feedback is very different from being on the receiving end of unwanted advice. It’s a friendlier approach to ask someone what they think.

An advice team could provide suggestions and ideas when they’re asked. Find out if a few trustworthy employees would be willing to participate. The answer will likely be yes.

Focus on the question you want to explore. Being too general makes it more difficult for employees to respond. Ask them how they would suggest a certain thing be improved.

Listen and appreciate when someone steps forward to share their perceptions. Keep an open mind and thank them for their contribution.

Taking steps to create a safe transparency in your construction organization will unlock valuable feedback and insight from your workforce. After all, it’s a shared goal for everyone in the company to succeed.

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