Emergency Evacuation: Process and Control

Extreme weather conditions can require unexpected emergency evacuation, adding tremendous demands to existing challenges of managing a commercial construction workforce.

Critical questions that must be answered quickly and accurately include:

  1. Who is on the job site when the evacuation is initialized
  2. Who remains on the job site as the evacuation proceeds

Answering these questions is where innovative new technology in construction steps up to manage the process and control emergency events.

Jobsite access control enables accurate tracking of workers in case of extreme weather or other emergencies, so that evacuations can be carried out with the greatest efficiency and safety. It provides data as to who is on the job site at any single point in time.

The key to an effective evacuation is control of muster points that are set when planning the layout of the construction site. Muster points are identified during jobsite orientation so each worker knows the gathering points outside the jobsite in the event of an emergency. Each muster point is manned by a control person tasked with recording the workers that have gathered at his site.

Mobile systems identify who was on site when the emergency evacuation started as well as identifying each person as they join the muster site. This process provides a real-time list of who remains on site. At the close of the evacuation, the system provides a listing of any person who remains onsite and their cell phone number to reach them.

Jobsite access control utilizes RFID technology and can read data stored on an I.D. badge worn by the worker. Mobile devices, smartphones and scanners serve as control points and are configured with ‘read only’ or ‘access barrier’ modes. Badged construction workers and other authorized personnel can be monitored through the various control points.

  • Monitoring Only Portals read each badge as the worker wearing it passes by.
  • Access Barrier Portals or Turnstiles unlock the gateway to allow an authorized worker to go on and off the construction site.
  • Handheld Scanning Devices allow point-of-contact reading for open areas such as vehicle entry gates or spot checks anywhere on the project site.

Although workers can exit through these portals during an evacuation and be recorded as leaving the jobsite, given the emergency nature of an evacuation, these control devices would normally be avoided.

When jobsite access control is in place, it ensures that workers entering the jobsite are accurately counted and identified, while access to individuals who lack the proper credentials for admission to the jobsite are barred from entry. Our systems include the delivery of pedestrian access portals, vehicle access portals and mobile access portals.

FC Construction Services is uniquely capable of verifying workforce eligibility, monitoring their worksite attendance and tracking the tools, material and equipment necessary to accomplish complex tasks in a safe, secure and productive environment. FC Construction Services ensures a safer, more secure, more productive, and ultimately more profitable project.