Why the Construction Industry Needs Time Apps To Eliminate Paper Logs, Duplications, and Inaccurate Data


In the construction industry, there can be any number of projects working simultaneously, with multiple crews covering several different states. Or there may be 12 workers on one major project in the same city. If either scenario sounds familiar, you could benefit from a time app like Forcecount for your construction business.

With many moving parts, a business can easily get bogged down in paper logs, duplicated processes, and numerous kinds of inaccurate data. A smart timesheet app such as Forcecount tracks your workers’ times from their smartphones via a mobile app. The basic function is the same as a time clock, just easier and more streamlined.

Upon arrival at work, the worker accesses the Forcecount mobile app on his smartphone, selects the assigned job then the labor code. With the push of a button, the worker is clocked in.

To switch jobs or labor task codes, he opens the mobile time app, presses the switch button, then selects the new job and labor task code. Each time a worker makes a switch, his smartphone GPS records his location.

From the Forcecount website, employers can view the times and locations that the worker accessed during each day, allowing confirmation that the workforce in switching in and out, identifying any access from home or after work, minimizing over-payments.

Running payroll and reports makes easier workloads for the employer and lets them labor budgets. Forcecount tracks hours worked on each job against the job budget and alerts the employer via email.  Mobile apps for tracking time reduce the workload and create greater efficiency overall.

Forcecount Time App Advantages:

  • Custom badging is performed for all workers
  • Badges transfer across projects
  • Time and attendance data captured through mobile devices
  • No additional equipment needed
  • Labor data by project, cost code and worker
  • Eliminate paper logs
  • Integrate data with payroll and cost accounting systems
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry in downstream accounting systems

For a limited time, FC Construction Services is offering a Forcecount Free Trial.

It’s one more technological innovation to provide efficiency and greater profitability to the construction industry.

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