I.D. Walker, Chief Executive Officer

IDI.D. Walker joined FC Construction Services in January 2008 and is responsible for sales, marketing, finance 
and product development. Prior to joining FC-CS, his business experience included 10 years as a marketing 
executive with an international imaging company, 20 years as the founder and CEO of regional retail chain and 10 years as a consultant with Accenture. 

Mr. Walker holds a BBA in Accounting and Marketing from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Public 
Accountant in Texas, a member of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the 
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Walker and his wife of 26 years reside in Dallas Texas.

Mark Hinton, Co-Founder and Director

M HINTONThe impetus for FC Construction Services stems from Mark Hinton’s 40 year business career, including five years as a Special Investigator with the U.S. General Accounting Office followed by nine years of detailed experience in the commercial insurance and risk management fields. For the past 27 years Mr. Hinton has devoted his full 
 attention to the workforce screening business. 

Mr. Hinton holds a BBA in Finance and a B.S. in Economics from Stephen F. Austin State University and is a 
licensed Private Investigator in Texas. Prior to college Mr. Hinton served two combat tours with the U.S. Marine 
Corps in Vietnam. 

Mr. Hinton and his wife of 45 years reside in Dallas.

 Mark Hughes, Co-Founder and Director

M HUGHESMr. Hughes began his career in the workforce screening business with BTi Employee Screening Services in 1989. He is responsible for the FC Construction Services' operations and information technologies. 

Mr. Hughes holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Master of Music fromSouthern Methodist University. In his spare time, Mr. Hughes is a 29-year member of the Garland, Las Colinas andArlington Symphony orchestras. 

Mr. Hughes and his wife of 34 years and three children reside in Dallas.

Keith Hinton, Vice President Operations

KEITHKeith Hinton joined FC Construction Services as the Vice President of Operations at it’s inception in 
February 2001. His primary responsibility was the design, site selection, build out, staffing and corporate 
oversight of FC-CS’s storefront locations. Mr. Hinton's responsibilities have subsequently grown to include 
company wide operating policy and procedures; plus the design, implementation and oversight of RFID access 
control systems. 

Prior to joining FC-CS, Mr. Hinton spent ten years as a Flight Officer in the U.S. Navy and holds the rank of 
Lieutenant Commander. He accumulated over 2,000 total flight hours, including 1,000 F-14 Tomcat flight hours, 
and participated in operations throughout the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf, including tours enforcing No Fly 
Zones over Bosnia and Iraq. 

Mr. Hinton holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas, Austin. He and his wife of 26 years reside in 
Parker, Texas.

Melanie Laird, Executive Vice President – Construction Services

MELMelanie Laird joined FC Construction Services in 2001. She came to FC-CS from BTi where she was responsible 
for the management of multiple national accounts including American Airlines and McDonalds. 

While at FC-CS, she has been the leader in developing our construction services program. She has been 
instrumental in the development of new construction focused screening and badging products delivered to many projects that include the Dallas Cowboy Stadium project, the Dallas ISD 2002 and 2008 Bond Projects, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bond Program, the Houston Rapid Transit Light Rail Expansion and Turner Construction’s 
National Workforce Drug Test and Badge program.

Mrs. Laird is active in many local and national construction related associations. Melanie, her husband, and their 
two children reside in Plano, Texas.

Jon Hinton, Vice President – Information Technology

JJONon Hinton joined FC Construction Services in October 2007. Prior to joining FC-CS, his business and technology experience included 7 years as Manager of Information Technology for BTi Employee Screening Services 
followed by 4 years as Director of Field Technology and 2 years as Business Systems Analyst for ChoicePoint.

Mr. Hinton holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas, and resides in Allen, TXwith his wife of 25 years.

 Rosa Rizo, National Operations Manager

ROSAMs. Rizo, with over 21 years of management experience, joined FC Construction Services in 2001. Ms. Rizo 
oversees and directs the national project deployment team. While at FC-CS, Ms. Rizo has lead, coordinated and 
implemented processes to improve and reach project targets for Jobsite Access Control projects.

Linda Romo, Chief Accountant

LINDAMrs. Romo, with more than 13 years of accounting experience, joined FC Construction Services in 2006. 
Mrs. Romo directs the accounting department staff and oversees all accounting and financial operations.

Victoria Lloyd, Operations Manager

VICMs. Lloyd, with 17 years of management experience, joined FC Construction Services in 2010. Ms. Lloyd overseesthe Records department that includes criminal record search, verifications of employment/education as well as 
driving records and professional certification.

Ms. Lloyd holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, with an emphasis in Information Technology, from PrairieView A&M University.