Mark Hinton and Mark Hughes joined forces in 1989 to form BTi Employee Screening Services, Inc., a Texas based, private investigations company devoted exclusively to offering a comprehensive, uniform and low cost, pre-employment background screening service to north Texas area employers.  While pre-employment screening was a well established industry in 1989, the standard practice was a piecemeal offering with the client ordering the services individually e.g., criminal records, driving records, education and employment verification, etc. and paying a specific fee for each component.  BTi offered a fixed cost package with an all-inclusive search for criminal records in any jurisdiction the applicant had lived, worked or attended school during the past seven years.  The applicant’s education, driving and employment history was also verified based on the same search criteria.

The concept of the screening company determining where to search as opposed to the client dictating the scope, coupled with a fixed cost, no matter the extent of the due diligence search, was overwhelmingly successful.  By 1999 BTi was performing over 250,000 background screens per year for a nationwide customer base that included prominent Fortune 100 companies in banking, insurance, retail and transportation.

Success breeds demand and in 2001 BTi was acquired by a Fortune 500 screening company based in Atlanta.  Messrs. Hinton and Hughes negotiated the ability to retain a small facet of the BTi operation and with that as the foundation, FC Background, LLC was born.

FC-CS continued the BTi practice of a fixed cost service and added drug testing and a photo ID to the package.  In 2002 FC-CS was selected to implement a program of screening and badging construction workers for an upcoming $1.4 billion, 54 campus Dallas Independent School District (DISD) capital improvement project. The overwhelming success of the DISD project paved the way for numerous new ISD projects as well as similar programs for other large-scale, commercial construction projects in both the public and private sectors.

Since inception, FC-CS’s growth is largely attributable to a willingness to embrace and adapt new technology to the background screening process.  Such innovations as facial recognition software to identify individuals who had been previously screened using different names or SSNs, and the incorporation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as a standard component of the photo ID badge have allowed FC-CS to offer programs of site access control and worker tracking unparalleled in the marketplace.

In 2016 FC-CS’s continued innovation coupled with a laser focus on the commercial construction industry prompted a name change deemphasizing background screening in order to highlight a broader spectrum of service offerings.  In September of 2016, FC Background, LLC became FC Construction Services.

This new name is descriptive of a company with a long and proud lineage that is today nationally recognized as a service provider without equal, conducting worker screening, badging, tracking, and access control programs on construction projects such as light rail, sports arenas, airports, hospitals, K-12 schools, colleges, universities and miscellaneous industrial from coast to coast.